One of a kind discovery

Discover the heart of the Emirates with Unveil Arabia.

Citizens and residents of the UAE are often unaware of the more remote and lesser known interior regions of the country, which are riddled with stunning natural beauty. Moreover many of us have remained confined in our urban neighborhoods and are longing for wide and open nature vista's.

As enthusiastic explorers passionate about the nature and history of the UAE, the certified guides from Unveil Arabia will bring you along on a surprisingly accessible yet off the beaten track journey to a variety of these landscapes and spectacular spots in the inner Emirates.

Our tour starts in front of your home and leads us through diverse landscapes along deserts, geological wonders, vast alluvial plains and winding mountain wadi's. This is a unique opportunity for children and adults alike to explore those places only few residents have been to from the comfort and safety of their own cars!

Let us do the navigating and organizing while you relax, sit back and enjoy the day out!

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